Rae Lab

Donor Anatomic Record (DAR) Program

DAR is an educational program that integrates gross anatomy, microanatomy and pathology throughout the first year medical school curriculum at LSUHSC.

By participating in this program students are able to:

  • Identify common pathologic lesions found in the willed body donor during dissection (heart, lung, kidney, liver, brain)
  • Make a histology slide out of embalmed cadaveric tissues
  • Evaluate a histology under a microscope for the presence of normal microanatomy during their histology training
  • Explain how a lesion or disease process contributed to their first patient’s death by applying the concepts of gross anatomy, microanatomy and pathology
  • Work in a team (dissection tankmates) to create a 10 min digital media presentation of their first patient’s autopsy report
  • Self assess their own clinical reasoning skills using the Gift assessment
  • Describe the clinical importance of a pathologist within a healthcare team