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Animation 1:

Oscillation of the tissue block containing the implantation site surrounded by the mouths of several endometrial glands. The surface view fades to show the trophoblast embedded in the decidua. The edge of the implantation site is lined with disrupted endometrial epithelium.

Animation 2:

Continuation of animation 1. The decidua fades to reveal the rotating trophoblast which then fades to show the embryonic mass comprising, epiblast (green), hypoblast (yellow) and amnioblast (white).


In addition to these animations that were made from the WinSurf reconstructions, we are also providing the original WinSurf files together with a WinSurf Viewer. Models displayed in the Viewer can be rotated about all three axes, users can zoom in and out, and models can be translated. Also, the color and opacity of different objects in the models can be varied.

animation 4

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