In addition to the sets of serial section images we are also producing 3D reconstructions of representative Carnegie embryos. The first reconstructions were done using SURFdriver by Scott Lozanoff and David Moody. Reconstructions for this stage have been done using several pre-release versions of WinSurf by Eric Neufeld and Scott Lozanoff. We would like to thank Eric and Scott for allowing us to use this updated version of SURFdriver. We would also like to acknowledge Eric Neufeld for his invaluable assistance with the reconstructions.

The 3D animations on this disk were made from WinSurf reconstructions. To enable users to better study the reconstructions we are also providing the original WinSurf files together with a WinSurf Viewer. This viewer will allow users to open WinSurf data files and view reconstructions with all the display options of the full reconstruction program. Models can be rotated about all three orthogonal axes, users can zoom in and out when viewing models and models can be translated. The color and opacity of different objects in the models can also be varied.

For further details of SURFdriver, WinSurf and the WinSurf Viewer visit the SURFdriver web site.


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Download the WinSurf Viewer

Click here to download WinSurf data files (.xdf format) to your hard drive. These files can also be accessed directly from the disk. Use the File - open menu command from the WinSurf Viewer. The files are in the /WinSurf folder.

Note: These files can only be read by the viewer, they cannot be displayed in a browser window.

(Alternatively, the file 'WinSurfView.exe' can be copied directly from the /WinSurf folder on the disk)